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1          NAME

The name of the organisation is U3A Thames Valley Network.  


Subject to the matters set out below the organisation and its property shall be administered and managed in accordance with this structure by the members of the Committee.  

3          OBJECTS

The Objects of  U3A Thames Valley Network are to advance the education of members of U3As in the region and encourage the provision of leisure activities for their social welfare all by facilitating cooperation between U3As in the network.  

4          POWERS

In furtherance of the Objects but not otherwise, the Committee may exercise the following powers to:

(i)                      raise funds and to invite and receive contributions;

(ii)                     buy, take on lease or exchange any property necessary;

(iii)                   organise and run conferences, lectures, seminars, courses;

(iv)                   publish books, pamphlets, reports, leaflets, journals, instructional matter and to produce films and videos;

(v)                    participate in and assist in the development of neighbourhood and area groupings of U3As; and

(vi)                   do all such other lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the Objects. 

5          MEMBERSHIP

(i)                    Membership of U3A Thames Valley Network shall be open to all U3As in the Thames Valley. It is a matter for the individual U3A as to whether they join the U3A Thames Valley Network.

(ii)                   Each member U3A shall be represented by their Chairman or delegated individual. Every representative member shall have one vote.

(iii)                 A U3As membership of the Network will be deemed to have terminated when (a) The annual membership fee to the Network remains unpaid two months after the due date or (b) a nominated representative member of that U3A has failed to attend three consecutive meetings, without reasonable cause. 


(i)                    There will be quarterly meetings with each member U3A being represented by the Chairman or his/her delegated representative.

(ii)                   The management of U3A Thames Valley Network shall be vested in a Committee, comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer plus not more than four additional Committee Members. All Committee Members shall be drawn from different U3As as far as possible. The Committee will report to the quarterly meetings on all matters.

(iii)                 The Committee may in addition appoint not more than two co-opted members who shall have full voting rights and have tenure until the next committee election. Vacancies on the Committee which arise through resignation or termination during the year can be filled from the membership and any such  appointee shall have tenure until the next committee election.

(iv)                 The election of members of the Committee shall be held at the AGM at the time of the Spring quarterly meeting.

(v)                  Committee members shall serve for a period of 3 years. Retiring members except Chairman, may stand for re-election. The Chairman may stand for re-election as Chairman or any other committee position providing there is an intervening period of at least one year after retirement.

(vi)                 The Committee shall keep minutes of the proceedings at meetings of the Committee and any sub-committees and these minutes shall be available for inspection should a member request it.

(vii)               No Committee member shall be chargeable or responsible for loss caused by any act done or omitted to be done by him/her or by any other Committee member or by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by any Committee member or by reason of any other matter other than wilful and individual fraud or wrongdoing or actions knowingly beyond the scope of a specific authority or limit thereon on the part of the Committee member in question. 

7          FINANCE

(i)                    The funds of Thames Valley U3A Network shall be paid into an account operated by the  Committee in the name of Thames Valley U3A Network at such bank as the Committee shall from time to time decide. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by two Committee members.

(ii)                   The funds belonging to Thames Valley U3A Network shall be applied only in furthering the objects.

(iii)                 No funds shall be transferred in any way to Committee members, provided that nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses incurred in the course of Thames Valley U3A Network work.

(iv)                 All proper costs, charges and expenses incidental to the management of Thames Valley U3A Network and membership of the Third Age Trust may be defrayed from the funds of Thames Valley U3A Network.

(v)                  In the case of the winding up of the Thames Valley U3A Network any funds remaining shall be divided on a  per capita basis of  member U3As at the time of the winding up.  

Network Constitution

as agreed at the

Network Representatives  Meeting

on Wednesday 13 May 2009.