New Shared Learning Project

At the request of Patsy Thornton, our Events Co-ordinator, Please find details, produced by Matthew Smith of the Royal Holloway College, of a really exciting new venture.  As you will see, it suggests that institutions (eg museums or a record office), should work with local U3A members to research local movements of protest, revolt and the search for liberty.  This could well centre on individuals who have stood up for what they believed in, as well as the history of more general movements.  Many examples are listed in the flyer.

Patsy is very excited about this venture, which could prove fascinating.  With the leadership of the Royal Holloway, and the support of local institutions, U3A members should be able to produce some very interesting research.


She has asked  me to spread the word amongst the TVN Reps.  At the moment, there is no commitment to anything at all.  All we are asking is for an expression of interest, either from a U3A, or from an individual member, and then they will be “kept in the loop” for further developments.  Jennifer Anning and Patsy are meeting Matthew Smith of Royal Holloway on July 8th, so if members could let her know before that date, it would be really useful.   Telephone: 01344 774812