Previous Study Events

Here is a list of the previous Study Days that the Thames Valley Network has held.


27th January – The life and Music of Barbra Streisand

18th January – Victorian Lady Poisoners

7th January – Defeat of the Spanish Armada

18th January – Victorian Lady Poisoners

27th January – The Life and Music of Barbra Streisand

2nd February – The life of T. E, Lawrence

17th February – The Posters of Paris

4th March – Spring Quiz

14th March – What makes your garden grow??

5th April – 21st Century Telescopes

29th April – Pictures on a page

9th May – Hospital Talk

10th June – Summer Quiz

14th June – Rosabundance


7th January – Charge of the Light Brigade. A talk by Ruth Nobbs , held on Zoom.

20th January – Inspiring Photography, held on Zoom

25th January – Understanding Architecture, Part 1 (Repeat of September 2020 study session) Held on Zoom

26th January – Understanding Architecture, Part 2 (Repeat of September 2020 study session) Held on Zoom

3rd February – Quiz held on Zoom

9th February – Inspiring Photography, Wild Life held on Zoom.

12th February – The Americans elect a President, held on Zoom.

23rd February – Music from the Musicals, Hooray for Hollywood, held on Zoom.

11th March – Brunel to The Eden Project, held on Zoom

17th March – Sweet Thames (Day 1), held on Zoom

18th March – Sweet Thames (Day 2), held on Zoom

24th March – Women in Art and Photography, held on Zoom

31st March – Butterflies within a changing environment, held on Zoom.

7th April – Say it with flowers, held on Zoom  Floral Art reading list

9th April – Spring Quiz, held on Zoom

14th April – The Migration of Birds, held on Zoom

15th April – 1685, How modern medicine could have saved Charles II, held on Zoom

20th AprilArchaeological figures – myths and stories, held on Zoom

7th May – Sweet as sugar, held on Zoom

14th May – History of Gardening (Part 1) held on Zoom

18th May – Gershwin and his music, held on Zoom

21st May – History of Gardening (Part 2) held on Zoom  History of Gardening Reading List

28th May – May Time Quiz held on Zoom

4th June – The British Prime Minister held on Zoom

16th June – The Spanish Civil War, a talk held on Zoom

24th June – Coventry Cathedral, a talk held on Zoom

29th June – Black Holes and The Transient Universe

6th July – A job of a Laughtime.

12th July – Art as Therapy

20th July – Local Wildlife Photography

8th September – Oceans Circulation in climate change

10th September – September Quiz

13th September – Wildlife Photography

24th September – American Presidents (Part 2)

7th October – Autumn Flowers

12th October – Ashmolean Museum (Everything blue)

21st October – Little Men in Red Hats

10th November – The History of Film

15th November – Garden Design

19th November – Saving the Basque Children 1939

23rd November – Otters on the Thames

24th November – Van Gogh The Golden Years

3rd December – Christmas Quiz

9th December – Spirit of Christmas


2nd September – How to run a quiz. Held on Zoom

9th September – History of quizzes. Held on Zoom

24th September – Understanding Architecture (part 1) Held on Zoom

25th September – Understanding Architecture (part 2) Held on Zoom     HISTORY of ARCHITECTURE bibliography

1st October – Ukulele for beginners. Held on Zoom

15th October – Cyber Crime Study Day – using Zoom.  Summary of TVP Cyber Protect for the U3A TV Network 

11th November – Portraits of Elizabeth 1 – using Zoom

18th November  – Geology of the Thames Valley ( Part 1) – using Zoom

25th November – Geology of the Thames Valley (Part 2) – using Zoom

16th December – Art versus Photography – using Zoom

18th December – Christmas Quiz – using Zoom

21st December – Brandenburg Traditional Christmas Concert via Zoom



5th March – Dunkirk Evacuation

3rd April – Polar Exploration (Part 2)

30th April – Medicine & Art (repeat of 2018).

28th May – History on film, women in the 18th century in film and TV.

30th August – William Morris at Kelmscott.

4th October – First Aid Day.

22nd October – Ukulele Activity Day

21st November – Britain’s Ancient Past         

3rd December – Ukulele Day (Part 2) with George Bonner.


1st March – Inspiring photography at Benson

10th May – William Morris at Kelmscott

17th May – repeat of Inspiring photography at Benson

19th June – Drama at Dunkirk at Henley

4th September – Polar Exploration at Benson

17th October – Website building at Benson

1st November – Medicine, science and art at Benson

6th November – Financial matters at Benson

27th November – Happy and successful Convener at Benson

12th December – Christmas Concert in London


22nd March – Social History of the Thames Valley at Henley

12th April – Heritage crafts and industries at Wokingham

17th May – repeat of Social History Day at Henley

23rd June – Albert Einstein at Benson

10th August – William Morris at Kelmscott

18th September – Gilbert and Sullivan at Harwell

14th November – Archaeology in the Thames Valley at Benson

23rd November – Speakers and speaking workshop at Benson


12th March – Staying connected, living with hearing loss at Oxford

28th April – William Morris at Kelmscott

11th May – The Civil War revisited – at Henley

11th June – Natural History, looking at wildlife at Maidenhead

21st June – Who do you think really made the railways? Held at Swindon

15th July – Learning languages in later life at Benson

5th October – Wine tasting at Benson

21st October – Participative learning the U3A way at Benson

23rd November – Robotics at Oxford


4th March – Cosmology at Didcot

26th June – Gardening in the Thames Valley at Waterperry

2nd July – Treasures of the Ashmolean (part 2) at Oxford

16th July – Preserving the Nation’s heritage at Waddesdon

30th September – Forensic science at Culham

4th November – Constitutions and committees forum at Benson


23rd April – Treasurers of The Ashmolean at Oxford

30th September – Researching local history at Witney

29th October – Poetry is everywhere at Emmbrook

19th November – The photographer’s eye at Benson


13th April – Photography at Cressex

28th May – Books a window on the World at Emmbrook

19th September – Our High Wycombe at High Wycombe

25th October – Committees  “keeping them light and efficient ” SE Region workshop at Benson

6th November – Crushed grapes, wine tasting at Benson

15th November – Benjamin Britten centenary at Oxford


9th March – English Social History at High Wycombe

16th June – Interactive U3A at Abingdon

14th August – “Groups matter” Training day at High Wycombe

19th October – Staying healthy at Benson

20th November – Understanding Opera – Mozart at Oxford