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Important Notice written 17th March 2020
All Study Days have been postponed and will be re-scheduled as soon as is practical and possible. 
To all our members – please look after yourselves, and let’s hope that it is not too long before we can all get together again.
Avis Furness, Chairman, U3A Thames Valley Network


U3A is a self help learning organisation for people who have completed their career or finished raising a family. Now is the time to make the most of your life. U3A gives you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends and enjoy yourself.

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On this website you be able to discover details about our study days, representatives meetings and any other relevant information about this network of U3A groups.


2020 Diary

Wednesday 18th March – The History of The Thames and its boats at The River & Rowing Museum, Henley.       Due to the current situation this study day has been postponed.

Wednesday 8th April – Cyber Crime “Protect your world” held at King’s Church, Amersham.                                Study day postponed please wait for further announcements.

Thursday 23rd April – Understanding Architecture. Study Day at Benson.                                                              Study day postponed please wait for further announcements.

Friday 24th April – Committee Meeting – Wait for further announcements

Friday 1st May – Representatives Meeting (including the A.G.M.) – Wait for further announcements

Tuesday 5th May – SE Region Spring Gathering at Benson

Friday 29th  May – Geology of the Thames Valley and why we don’t have volcanoes. Study Day at Benson.       Study day postponed, for further details please read post or click on the above link.

Wednesday 17th June – Repeat of The History Thames Study Day at River Rowing Museum, Henley. This study day is now full and a waiting list applies.

Wednesday 24th June – Visit to RHS Wisley

Friday 3rd July – The Biodiversity and Climate Change. Study Day at Benson

Friday 17th July – Committee Meeting

Friday 31st July – Representatives meeting

Friday 25th September – Repeat of Understanding Architecture – Study day held at Benson. This study day is now full and no further applications will be accepted.

Thursday 1st October – U3A Day. (What is your group doing? Please let us know.)

October 5th to 11th  TVN holiday to Istanbul

Friday 9th October – Quiz Study Day – Held at Benson

Friday 16th October – Committee Meeting

Thursday 29th October – “Beginners” Ukulele Day at Benson

Friday 30th October – Representatives meeting.

Other possible events for 2020/2021

  • Genealogy/Forensic Anthropology/Genetics
  • Climate Change
  • DNA/diseases/tailored treatments
  • Photography

Dates will be announced when arrangements have been confirmed.